The pleasure of eating our samosa is its own reward

Our earliest beginnings as a home-based pilot-project in 1996 were characterized by a need to achieve a single classic goal: Quality in samosa-making.

Millions of our universal classic samosas have been enjoyed since then with our customers and the media saying they're the best.

Samosas are leading the way as South Asian cuisine grows in popularity in North America. Folks everywhere - and from everywhere - have discovered that samosas make the perfect snack, party appetizer or lunch box treat.

Sultan of Samosas currently carries 10 varieties of samosas.

We've also become a favoured supplier with restaurant, catering, grocery and deli businesses. They love the cachet our premium samosas bring to their selections and the simplicity of preparing them for their customers.

Why are our samosas better? It comes down to our patented samosa pastry and fresh, tasty ingredients that are made to come alive for you through our unique samosa innovation and marketing process. The high quality and authentic texture of our pastry is the result of years of research and development to advance the traditional art for making classic samosas and similar food. Our pastry is always crisp and firm and rarely bubbles. We rigorously monitor the quality of each input and process - every samosa is made to exacting standards using our unique pastry dough, top quality meats, fresh produce and signature business & people processes.

Because of this, we can confidently deliver samosas that are second to none.

We also strongly believe in supporting our communities and giving back to help others. An important way in which we do this is through our special program to help registered charities raise funds.

We hope you take the time to surf our site and discover for yourself the joy of sharing a Sultan of Samosas samosa!

Sultan of Samosas - That's your good taste!

Bon appétit,

Reza Mecklai, President & Founder
Sultan of Samosas


by NOW Magazine - Everything Toronto


Ten fabulous samosas to choose from

  • 10 vegetable splash seasoned with methi leaves  
  • Traditional beef with fresh onions and coriander leaves 
  • Steak and potato with garlic, dill and black pepper seasoning
  • Paprika marinated chicken with fresh onions and coriander leaves
  • Tandoori chicken Kabuli 
  • Curried four-way vegetables with assorted baghara spices 
  • Fresh cut spinach with feta and mozzarella in oregano and basil dressing.
  • Can-Eurasian inspired potato & cheddar cheese with paprika seasoning 
  • Traditional Daal with flavourful turmeric and fresh coriander  
  • Mutton with traditional West-Indies flair