Authentic, classic samosas - a catalyzing inter-cultural, socio-economic currency for peace.

Mission Statement

To apply our vision, knowledge and values (both intrinsic and instrumental) as gained from our business experience, with others seeking impacts in society which respect personal search and that honors community leadership for peace and prosperity.

Company Values

The following values personify our identity with which we create and engage Customers....

  • Inclusiveness – We respect diversity and the experience we offer with our Samosas has no culturally or creatively equivalent boundaries.
  • Sense of Community – Every Samosa is an active and diligent agent for the well-being of the community in which it is served and others that encompass it.
  • Knowledge and Personal Growth – A learning environment is a thriving environment.  We ensure an environment for continual learning, leadership development and personal growth through our use of a brand performance model.
  • Passion and Sense of Purpose – As a human organization, we believe our strength should be the ability to inspire and be inspired to engage with a sense of purpose for the continued growth and success of our business and the communities we serve generation after generation.
  • Innovation –Our business is rooted in invention and built on innovation.  We continually examine our processes and capabilities and lead innovative changes necessary for ever deepening effects of our visiion, mission and values.
  • Health and Nourishment –  While our classic samosas are a simple food, we continually redefine simplicity through a focus on nature as it relates to understanding good nutrition and health for continuous improvement.
  • Merit - Our success has grown from a strict adherence to meritocratic standards of selection in all our business practices.  We will continue to apply the value of merit to drive excellence with our investments involving time, knowledge and material resources.

Social Consciousness at Work

Our core values are indicative of responsibility to engage socio-economi, cultural and political environments for the benefit of the communities in which we operate. (See Educator's Statement of Purpose and Overall Strategies) 

With humble beginnings in Canada and much respect for the opportunities and assistance provided by Canadian resources to include Government, industry, institutional civil society partners and the private sector, our future includes expansion into other countries.

Our interest is in striving to become a respected corporate citizen in each area of expansion; adding values at every level in a manner of an improving, more equitable quality of life.

  • Use of local agriculture is optimized in the making of all of our products.
  • Local suppliers are used in each functional step wherever possible.
  • Employees receive training to follow the organization's core values and equal opportunity for growth.
  • All operational facilities follow a practice of energy conservation.
  • All operational facilities strive for zero tolerance in food waste.
  • All employees are customer focused and community driven following high ethical standards.
  • We believe in supporting mankind and giving back to others.  As an expression of this support, we offer fund raising opportunities for local registered charities.


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